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Repeat… My Facebook Is Not My Website

One thing is for sure before anyone sets out to get a website up and running they will already have a Facebook page. One reason for this is that as of March 2013 Facebook had over 1.11 billion active users. But how many of them will join your page, not counting your friends and relatives?

Social sites are great for social purposes but only have a small purpose if you own a business selling products or services. If your business has a Facebook page or another social site like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even a YouTube channel which is also a social media platform, it shouldn’t be considered your “WEBSITE” where potential customers can get information on your company, your products, and services.

Having your own website still plays a very important part in having an Internet presence. It should be considered your storefront where your customers can view your company, product, and service information in detail. Having a website also displays stability and trust that your customer can feel secure with if they should purchase your product online or in person.

Also, Facebook is a privately owned company. Any and all content placed on a Facebook page are the property of Facebook. Check the bottom of a Facebook page or if you are using other social sites, for the copyright notice for yourself. This is just one of the reasons why search engines like Google do not search the contents of Facebook pages and other social sites.

While your website remains to be the backbone of your products and services, social media sites should be an extension of your site. Placing social media icons on your site to connect with them and vice versa connects your customers to you and your site in so many other ways than just having a Facebook page. Businesses should utilize social sites as a form of “Customer Service”, providing information such as upcoming sales, events, new products, and services.

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