https. Is your website trustworthy
Is Your Website Trustworthy?

Is Your Website Trustworthy?

This post has been updated. Please visit “How to Make Your Business Website More Trustworthy.

If you are selling products and services on the Internet visitors may look for signs that prove you and your website to be trustworthy before they provide you with their personal information and money.

Most consumers know that before they enter any personal information onto a web page is to make sure that the page is a secured page.  This is done by looking at the left side of their web browser where the URL Address is located.  A web page is secured if they see “HTTPS” before the web address.  If it reads “HTTP” (Without the “S”), the page is not secured.  See the following examples:

This site or page is secured. (i.e. HTTPS://) (i.e. HTTPS//)

This site or page is not secured (i.e. HTTP//)

If you come across a website that is not secured, keep in mind that all of its pages do not need to be secured. However, we highly recommend it. But only the pages that are requesting personal and credit card information need to be secured and must display the “HTTPS” within the browser.

Here are some other indications that a website may not be trustworthy:

Using a 3rd party email address

This is an email address that was registered with a 3rd party company, such as Yahoo or Google’s Gmail.  This type of email address does not display your website domain name within the address.

Example: (Where the website domain name is in the email address) or

Other signs of an untrustworthy website:

Using a Post Office mailbox as an address

Using a personal telephone number