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If Sales Are Low Increase Your Testimonials

If Sales Are Low Increase Your Testimonials

When you ask a friend if he’s tried the new auto repair shop that just opened, you’re doing exactly what your visitors want from your website: a recommendation from someone who’s been there, done that and liked it. Reviews provide similar reassurance.

If the people giving you testimonials agree to it, have them send photos of themselves. This can help make the testimonial all that more effective by humanizing the text. If they agree, it’s also very important that testimonials contain their position and the name of their organization because it can greatly add to your credibility. As well as the credibility of the testimonial itself.

When you’re using reviews, be sure to quote them fairly and then link to a copy of the full review on their site. If you’re going to publish the entire review on your site, it’s a good idea to get permission and still offer a link back to the original.

So if sales are low increase your testimonials and ask your customers would they agree to provide a testimonial. Ask if it would be helpful to spend time on a sample testimonial based on things they’ve written or said. Then they can either approve it or edit it. That process makes things easier for them and increases the chance of actually getting the testimonial.