Have You Updated Your Terms of Service?
Have You Updated Your Terms of Service?

Have You Changed The Way You Do Business?

From time to time, we sometimes make changes in the way we do business online for various reasons, and sometimes without knowing. However, when it affects our customers who visit and use our website, they need to know of these changes.

Long ago when your website was first launched, it may have come with a link (usually at the bottom of your pages or specifically at the bottom of your home page) where your visitors can view your “Terms of Use” or “Terms of Conditions” and “Privacy” statements.

Basically, these documents protect you and the visitor of your site providing them with information on how you conduct business, how you expect the visitor to use the site and how you intend to protect the privacy of their information that you might obtain.

We recommend revisiting your Terms of Use and Privacy statements and make the appropriate changes to the way you do business today. At the bottom of each document, you should also provide an “updated” date.

You may also want to state that “future changes may occur without notice and that it is the user’s responsibility to periodically check for any changes that may have occurred.”

But as you know we’re all about “Customer Service” so it would make good business sense to send an email to your customers indicating (in the subject line) a “Change of Policy” statement.

You can contact your web developer for assistance.