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Domain Names: How Do You Pick One?

Picking a domain name is a daunting task, but it’s one of the most important decisions you will ever make. No matter how amazing your product, service, or the content of your website, your domain name is what defines you.

Think of it as a digital street address. It tells your customers what you stand for and it also affects your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Keep It Short

When picking a domain name, always remember to keep it short.

A shorter domain name is easier to remember. Also, make sure your domain name is easy to type!

This might seem odd, but if people make frequent typos while typing your domain name, there’s a high chance of them getting distracted by Google’s suggestions or going to your competitor instead.

To make sure customers land on your website even after making typos: buy misspelled versions of your domain name and redirect them to your website. This makes sure that even if people make a typo, they still land on your web page.

For example: If you register, think about registering as well. Remember: every website visitor is important!



Extensions are important. The “.com” extension is the most popular one on the internet. According to DomainNameStat, 43% of all websites have the “.com” extension. If “.com” is taken for your preferred domain name, try “.net” or “.org”


Timing Matters

Be quick when it comes to picking a domain name. Good domain names often sell out quickly. If you have an idea that you think you can capitalize on and add value to, buy it as soon as possible.

People often make the mistake of buying a good domain name for a website, before checking if it’s available on other social media websites. So before you select one, make sure it’s available on all the other social media channels you plan on expanding to.


Numbers and Hyphens

A very common mistake many people while picking a domain name is that they include numbers and hyphens in their domain name. Numbers and hyphens in domain names are often misunderstood. People can’t understand whether you’re telling them your website address or your actual address.


Keep Your Name As Unique as Possible

Don’t make the mistake of making your domain sound similar to another website. One of the more embarrassing mistakes people make while naming their website is that they don’t consider the different ways it could be read. So, before you finalize a domain name, say it aloud a few times. Also, avoid obscure terms. Using niche-specific terms confuses visitors. Niche-specific names only appeal to that particular niche. A domain name should be clear and understandable to everyone.

It’s important that the domain name you pick resonates with your business. If you’re new to the industry and are just starting out, pick a domain name when you think of your business name. Having a different name for your business and for your domain can be confusing to the buyer.

Over to you! A good domain name can be a powerful marketing tool. Picking the right one at the start can reap long-term benefits for the brand you build, so take your time!