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Creating new pages for your website

Creating New Pages For Your Website

We can never mention too much about creating new content for your website. After all, it’s what keeps it alive. When creating new website pages always be on the lookout to add new pages to your site. Some will be obvious, such as the addition of new staff members or expansion into a new area of business.

If you notice an increased interest in an aspect of family counseling that’s currently just a part of your family counseling page, create a separate page focused primarily on that aspect. Or if there is a hot trend in fashion, you can put a page that talks about the trend while providing images and links to all your related products.

When creating your new pages, keep in mind to relate those pages to one of your key pages. It helps to maintain the optimization of your pages to have keyword-focused pages relating and linking to them. Please contact your web developer for more information on this.

Although new pages are great, make sure they’re justified. Don’t create a new page if it essentially repeats what’s on another page or if you can simply update an existing page. It’s a matter of volume and separate enough in some way from the existing content.